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Create happy customers with virtual queuing Organize and manage patient flow effectively; make the OPD visit experience comfortable and convenient for your patients.

The system takes care of all touch points in the patient’s journey right from booking an appointment remotely or walk-in for registration to arranging follow-up appointments before leaving. Patients are largely benefited with reminders of scheduled visits, information about queue status and their queue position, explained waits and reduced time spent on non-clinical activities.

The other features of the system helps to manage unanswered calls, inform patients of emergency situations and Doctor’s temporary unavailability, handling priority or emergency cases, intra-OPD transfers, etc.

No more lining up Predict arrivals, Route traffic, maintain Service level efficiencies and optimize Utilization.

QMAGIK is ideal for Banks and Financial Institutions where people have to wait in long queues to avail services. It allows customers to maintain their position in queue without having to stand in lines. GTI's QMAGIK helps route traffic and customer flow within a bank's branch.

Historical and real-time data analysis helps predict arrivals and add or reduce counters thus keeping utilization levels optimum without compromising service quality.

Guided displays create a unique waiting experience Monitor customers served, Control wait times; Bring order, efficacy and agility.

Long lines at Telecom service counters are both a headache for staff and a nuisance for customers, because time standing in a queue is wasted time. QMAGIK assists a center to monitor the number of people served on a daily basis while keeping statistics of how long these customers had to wait to be served. The accurate and measurable data helps to bring order, efficiency and comfort to customers as well as counter staff.

Redefine walk-in customer experience

Increase performance and grandeur; Guide customers quickly to counters.

QMAGIK is a cost-effective way to maintain customer flow and routing. The guided displays help people visiting an office to quickly get to the respective counters and bring down the stress levels and time spent searching for the needed helpdesk. The system enhances the overall look and feel of the office and helps provide a more relaxed and less chaotic atmosphere.

Eliminate physical lines

Control the crowd at the counters, Leverage Technology, Create happy customers.

After making an order the customer is supplied with a token number. The displays show the numbers that are ready to be served and hence customers can wait comfortably in their seats or they can receive notification on their mobiles, hence can go out and step in when ready to be served.

Create connected feeling with walk-in customer

Create a Unique Encounter Experience, Extend Personalized Attention

The guided displays help the visitors approach the sections directly and the system provides staff information about the approaching visitor, the purpose of the visit etc., enabling to create an immediate connected experience. While waiting for the token call, a customer can spent the time comfortably in the wait area without worrying about losing the spot on the queue and wasting time.

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